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Marwiol PETG filament 1,75 mm, white, spool 1 kg
Marwiol PETG filament 1,75 mm, white, spool 1 kg




Polymaker PolySonic PLA - High Speed PLA filament 1,75 mm white 1 kg

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Polymaker PolySonic PLA is a revolutionary high-speed 3D printing filament, the ultimate game-changer in additive manufacturing. With its lightning-fast extrusion rate, cutting-edge precision, and exceptional layer adhesion you can ramp up the speed of your 3D printer and witness new levels of productivity. Accelerate your workflow without compromising on strength or quality.

A material is considered "High Speed" if it fulfils the following 3 criteria at a set printing temperature:

1) Flowability: It can extrude consistently at 24mm3/s on a popular extrusion system. (equivalent to 300mm/s at 0.2mm layer height with a 0.4mm nozzle.

2) Formability: At 24mm3/s, it maintains similar surface quality, overhang and bridging as printed at a lower speed.

3) Functionality: At 24mm3/s, it maintains at least 80% of its overall mechanical properties when printing at a lower speed. (mainly: layer adhesion, tensile strength and impact strength).


Polymaker PolySonic™ PLA at 230°C:

1) Maximum flow*: 24mm3/s** (tested on a customized extrusion platform equipped with an E3D volcano hotend, 0.4mm nozzle with Hemera XS extruder.

2) Confirmed similar quality when printed at 4mm3/s and 24mm3

3) Layer Adhesion at 4mm3/s-24mm3/s: 33.6-31.9 MPa (Maintain 95%) Tensile Strength at 4mm3/s-24mm3/s: 41.2-39.3 (Maintain 95%) Impact strength at 4mm3/s-24mm3/s: 22.7-19.4 kJ/m2 (Maintain 85%)

* Maximum Flow: Flow at which the measured flow is decreasing below 95% of the requested flow.

** For 0.2mm layer height with 0.4mm nozzle: 24mm3/s -> 300mm/s For 0.1mm layer height with 0.4mm nozzle: 24mm3/s -> 600mm/s


Recommended 3D printing temperature:
classic: 190 – 220 °C, high-speed: 210 – 230 °C

Build plate temperature:
30 – 60 °C 

Recommended 3D print speed:

classic: 50 – 100 mm/s, high-speed: 100 – 300 mm/s


Dimensions of the spool

- Diameter: 20,00 cm
- Height: 4,65 cm, 
- Hole diameter: 6,50 cm

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